Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Obama's Under The Radar Gun Control Push Continues

As reported by Emily Miller of the Washington Post, Obama in his proposed budget is pushing for more gun control initiatives, some of them quite, shall we say, bizarre?

These measures include:

1. Removing the prohibition on future Fast and Furious type gun-walking operations. Gee, I wonder why he wants that given all that's been revealed about his administration transferring guns to Mexican drug gangs in order to push for more Gun Control?

2. Removing Funding for the Federal Flight Deck Officer program (the one that lets pilots have firearms in the cockpit fot he aircraft).

3. Requiring that military brass be mutilated before it is sold to prevent gun owners in the US from reloading it. This of course reduces its sale value and costs the government money.

4. Requiring M1 Garands and M1 Carbines be destroyed rather than transferred to the CMP.

5. Restoring funding for more pro-gun control junk science studies from the NIH and CDC.

In all, it is quite a little wish-list of irritating gun control measures that will please his leftist base.

It also confirms the belief and knowledge of every attention-paying gun owner that Obama is certainly no friend of the 2nd Amendment. This little list is just a taste of what we will face once he no longer has to worry about being re-elected should he win office again.

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