Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Got Liebstered?

So I have been awarded the -- so distinguished it's now commonplace -- Liebster Award by Murphy's Law.

Yes, He's right about the "got to go" thing. He's one of the few people I'd back up even at the Gates of Hell itself if such existed, and I'd similarly know he'd be there to back me up as well.

So, on to the Liebster:

As a proud recipient, such I'm bound to re-gift the award to some five favored bloggers and to try to do it without nominating someone already Liebstered is getting to be a bit difficult. In no particular order, the distinguished blogs are:

1. Expatriate Owl: Smart and insightful commentary on many an area with a Noo Yawk accent.

2. Providentia: Another fine blog by a smart guy that needs to blog a bit more often to get his wisdom out...

3. God, Gals, Guns, Grub: A great "newer" blog that's well worth the read.

4. Budget Vino: Want to know what wine is good but won't break the bank? Find out here.

5. Low Dog On The Totem Pole: A great blogger relating to life, the medical field and some very interesting and incorrigible patients.....

These fine bloggers now get the joy (or torment) of selecting 5 more blogs upon which to grant this distinction and honor. If you haven't yet visited any of these five before, please do and enjoy.

1 comment:

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Thanks for the award and mention... I've sure enjoyed getting to know and follow a lot of good folks in the blogosphere...

Dann in Ohio