Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Night To Remember: 2012 Daddy-Daughter Dance

So tonight after work, I took both Abby and Leah to the local Daddy-Daughter Dance.

This was their first special event that was just for them and they were incredibly excited.

They dressed up for the occasion in their best dresses and they each put on a necklace, and I bought them each a corsage to enjoy their special night.

We went to the golf course where it was being held and they were very impressed with how nice and fancy it was. Everyone was dressed to the nines.

The kids had their first Shirley Temples, which I explained were special drinks just for big girls. They were very proud to have such a big girl drink, and many other daughters apparently got the same spiel as the Shirley Temple was in high demand.

There was a well-laid-out buffet and the kids had veggies, mac and cheese, corn, and some slices of a very nicely done beast and then finished up with some tasty cake.

They then had a great time dancing on the dance floor, even though the music got progressively louder. They danced until they were tired, took a break and had a sip of their Shirley Temples and then went and danced some more.

They then declared they were done and as we left they each received a toy monkey holding a box containing two Sanders chocolates (donated to the event by Sander's as a sponsor), which they enjoyed once they were home. Then they brushed their teeth, got into their PJs and went to bed, declaring it the best night out ever and asking if I'll take them again next year. Of course I will.

If you haven't figured it out yet, spend time with your kids now while they're small and actually want to spend time with you. Later when they're older you'll be glad you did.

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