Sunday, January 08, 2012

On Target At Total Firearms' Indoor Glock Match

Today I went to my first ever indoor GSSF league shoot.

It was held at Total Firearms in Mason, MI, so Rob and I drove westbound and down together early this morning.

The match was very well organized and the match staff were very helpful and friendly.

Each course of fire was 50 rounds with some challenging timed strings with distances out to 50 feet. Some strings, including those at 50 feet, were required to be shot using only strong or weak hand to add to the challenge.

I shot both my Glock 17 and Glock 19, with the 17 going first.

I was pleased with my scores of 439/500 with the Glock 17 and then with the Glock 19 a score of 469 out of 500 possible points. Certainly room for improvement on both, especially with distance single-weak-handed shooting. Part of the increase between the 17 and 19 was no doubt familiarity with the course of fire after having shot it once.

There are two more league shoots scheduled, one in February, and one in March and I plan to show up and shoot at both of them.

A great way to spend a Sunday morning.

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