Monday, January 16, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2012

While America justly celebrates the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, some, including the disgraceful Reverend Al Sharpton, are busy here in Michigan using it as a cover for their own dubious agendas.

Martin Luther King Jr. dealt with real racism and real civil rights issues.

Today, those claiming that he would be against an Emergency Financial Manager law, designed to protect citizens who have suffered from the mismanagement of their leaders, and who play the race card on the law, are just full of it.

The Detroit Free Press: Al Sharpton planning protest of emergency manager law outside Snyder's home

The Detroit Free Press: Guest commentary: Dr. King would want people to fight emergency manager law

The real issue isn't racism, its that an EFM, as stated in the article, can

void union contracts, sell off assets and remove elected officials' powers
and thus destroy the cozy status quo that has been ruining those cities now in need of EFMs to solve the mess that has been made.

I'd bet that Dr. King would be far more appalled at the mess that has been made of Detroit, Pontiac, and Benton Harbor and the living conditions their residents must suffer under, than being against an EFM appointed to fix the problems and take the keys away from the leadership, regardless of the race of that leadership, busy driving those cities into ruin.

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