Monday, January 02, 2012

A Visit to the ROM and the Secrets Of The Maya Exhibit

I spent the New Year in Toronto with the family.

While we were there, Tash and I took the kids to the Royal Ontario Museum.

If you ever visit Toronto, the ROM is not to be missed.

While admission prices have gone up since I was last there, the place was hopping for the holidays.

It has an extensive and impressive display of Chinese and Asian art and artifacts.

Look, but don't touch, or I beat you with my stick, Got it?

Northbound end of southbound Chinese Camel.

The kids really enjoyed the Natural History Gallery and the European Gallery  depicting clothing and lifestyles through the ages, showing how rooms changed over time in both size, appliances, and accoutrements.

The textile and fabric gallery was also a big hit where the kids could see how fashions and kids-wear changed over time.  They then tired out quick so I missed the chance to revisit and enjoy the extensive coin and armaments displays, but that will wait for another visit. (Hey, ML, up for another trip to Toronto?)

In addition to all the standard and impressive exhibits, the ROM had a feature exhibit as well:

The exhibit, while an extra fee was required to view, did have some hands on arts and crafts for the kids in the main area.  These included making a Mayan rain stick from a paper towel tube and making Mayan masks, and having fun sifting through sand looking for (reproduction) Mayan artifacts.

Good to see the ROM cashing in on the current 2012 hysteria and associated interest with the Mayan calendar running out in 2012.  Might as well get people exposed to a little culture and history while the interest is running hot.

While disaster is highly unlikely, I hear the exhibit ends December 21, 2012.

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Expatriate Owl said...

Ah, yes! The one and only time I was ever in Toronto, thirty-something years ago, I, too, visited the Royal Ontario Museum, and found it to be highly worthwhile.

They had an exhibition of artifacts and artwork from Red China (the Cold War was still in progress in those, and such cultural exchanges were therefore not consummated on American soil).

Reassuring to know that the ROM still features exhibitions with pulling power!