Friday, January 06, 2012

Detroit: Worrying About All The WrongThings

Detroit faces the appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager or Bankruptcy after being unable to pay its bills after being under a Democrat Kleptocracy for 60 years.

Detroit has been steadily losing population, falling from a high of 2 million down to 700,00 and dropping.

Detroit has one of the highest crime and murder rates of any US city.

Detroit's high school graduation rate at 25% is in the same quartile as its unemployment rate of at least 15%.

Detroit can't keep buses running on time nor keep the street lights lit.

But these are not the most pressing issues facing Detroiters today.

Instead, a growing number of Detroiters are now worried about -- horror of horrors -- gentrification.

The Detroit News: New challenges for Detroit - Longtime residents feel they are getting pushed out by newcomers moving to the city

Yes indeed, Gentrification and the attendant terror that it beings - White People.

"It went from diverse to mainly young and white," said Jack Sexton, a former resident. "That's too bad because a lot of people wanted to stay but they couldn't afford it."....There is a different city emerging in downtown, Corktown and Midtown, data shows, and it is more white and affluent than the rest of the city.
This of course doesn't sit well for some:
"It feels like it's not about making things better for everyone, just making it safer for suburbanites. That's just not fair," Garcia said. "I'm still excited to see all the people moving to Corktown and all the new businesses. But every time you read or see something online about the progress, it's this tone the new people are responsible for it all. That just kind of rubs me the wrong way."

After all, suburbanites moving into Detroit will insist on basic city services for their tax money, they will insist on decent schools and on decent police protection, they won't put up with the Kleptocratic-powers-that-be that have driven Detroit into the ground.

The Horror.

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