Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where Has The Plainfield Carbine Gone?

I can happily say it has gone to a good home, where it will be put to good use. Indeed, it has already provably been put to good use.

ProudHillbilly, blogging at From the Caer is now the proud owner of my old Plainfield M1 Carbine, and She's quite happy with it.

Since I hadn't been shooting the Plainfield very much, and I already own a Winchester M1 Carbine, it made sense to sell it to someone who would enjoy and appreciate it. Even as I hate to sell a firearm, the ProudHillbilly's appreciation of the carbine and joy with shooting it more than makes up for its parting from my safe.

The funds generated have just today procured a fine replacement (which was why it was sold in the first place, well that and Murphy's Law's prodding me about selling it which sparked the idea), that will be blogged about, depending on luck and the weather, shortly.

1 comment:

Murphy's Law said...

I still miss that Winchester...(sigh).

But I'm also happy that it has a good home.