Tuesday, January 03, 2012

LA Arsonist Identified As A German With Chechnyan Travel Papers?

As usual with early reports, the facts are pretty well garbled and continue to change.

The Arson suspect believed to be responsible for the millions of dollars in damages in a series of fires in Los Angeles when caught by an LA Sheriff's deputy was originally identified as Harry Burkhart, age 55. Now his age is reported as 24.

Even stranger, he's reported as being a German national traveling on travel documents from Chechnya. That's quite strange, and especially considering the amount of Muslim terrorist activity originating from Chechnya, it is pretty suspicious if correct especially as Chechnya is not exactly on the list of top German travel destinations. How a German came to be traveling on documents from Chechnya is quite strange.

Apparently when arrested, Burkhart stated he hates America.

He's also apparently upset that his mom is about to be deported from the US, for some unspecified reason.

No telling at this point if this is just some nut, a nut with sudden jihad syndrome, a nut sent off with a little terrorist training, or something else entirely.

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