Saturday, January 14, 2012

The City of Detroit Clowncil Foreclosure-Fest

Not only does the Detroit City Council have great difficulty managing the city's finances, members can't seem to manage their own.

The Detroit News: Pugh likely to walk away from mortgage on Brush Park condo

City Council President Charles Pugh is facing foreclosure and says he likely will abandon his $385,000 Brush Park condominium.

His personal financial struggles come as he and council colleagues fight to bail Detroit out of its own fiscal crisis......Pugh is not the only council member to struggle with his mortgage. Council members Kwame Kenyatta and Saunteel Jenkins also have faced foreclosure in recent years.
That's a full 33.333% of the current Detroit City Council facing foreclosure at one time or another while serving on the Council.

Yet one more argument in favor of appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager, and fast.

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Scott said...

But we can't do that - Al Sharpton and John Conyers say it's racist!