Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm Back....

Safe and Sound.

And the answer to where I was is:

Yes, last week was the triennial pilgrimage to the fabled Land of the Mouse.

Detailed trip report with lots of pics and commentary to follow.

In short:

  1. We had an outstanding time and the kids enjoyed themselves immensely.
  2.  The kids are at an age where they can do so much there and yet still have the unjaded wonder and joy of the experiences, and it shows on their faces.
  3. Staying at a hotel on the property and using the meal plan is decidely the way to go.
  4. Disney really does it right from the little details to the quality and warmth of all the cast members. 
  5. Yes, it is expensive but it is worth it and we will need to plan our next triennial pilgrimage for 2015.

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