Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yet More Wayne County Corrupt Severance Payouts?

This certainly doesn't look good for County Executive Ficano, nor for his staff for that matter.

Former Wayne County Deputy Executive Azzam Elder is suing his onetime boss, Executive Robert Ficano, alleging he concocted more than a dozen secret severance deals — including one to Elder for at least $300,000.

The whistleblower suit filed Wednesday alleges that Ficano and his staff intentionally misled the public and the media about a $200,000 severance to former economic development director Turkia Mullin in September.

Its that Detroit-Area Democrat culture of corruption once again rearing its ugly severance package.

Grandiose enrichment of high-ranking executives is easy to hide under the rug in good times. Now, as Wayne County is feeling the pinch and running out of its citizen's money to burn, a lot more of these corrupt cushy deals will keep coming to light.

Diogenes' lamp would have long ago spluttered out of oil had he been searching in Wayne County.

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