Friday, January 13, 2012

New Idea For The Brady Bunch

As noted on Say Uncle, The Brady Bunch's latest flame of gun control genius seems to have fizzled out, very much like a candle in the wind.

For their next big thing, I'd offer a modest proposal.

After all, lighting candles can be dangerous and that whole open flame and striking-a-match thing probably scared off some of their more stalwart supporters, the poor easily-frightened dears.

Next year they ought to announce, just on their website mind you, that on the announced DAY X, high school and college age people should wear jeans and business people should wear business attire to support more gun control.

That way, when Day X arrives, they can take all sorts of pictures of people in jeans and business attire and trumpet as to how the whole country is firmly (yet unknowingly) on their side and supports their push for more gun ban laws.

This should be a surefire hit and result in images that they can point to that the American people are right behind them by dressing as they normally do every day.

Even better, there's no chance that their one or two supporters might burn themselves while lighting a candle and their support can be both effortless and unthinking, which it is already.


ProudHillbilly said...

"In Minnesota alone, open flames (or candle fires) were responsible for more than $9.5 million dollars in property loss last year. A hefty price to pay, for a $5 decoration." From KAALTV in Nov 2011 - just one I hit with Google.

Candles are dangerous. Let's ban them. Or at least make folks go through a ton of paperwork and pay a fee to buy one.

Aaron said...

Yes, I wonder how many Brady Bunchers managed to injure themselves lighting the way into a brave new world.