Friday, January 13, 2012

The Glock Continues to Rock

Instapundit links to the Popular Mechanics story Why the Glock Became America’s Handgun

Now in the 26th Year of their production, Glocks are still going strong and come in a variety of calibers. Talented shooters using Glocks have won all sorts of national and international competitions.

The Glock has had a major part of America's handgun market share for good reasons, some of which are discussed in the linked article.

The benefit of the Glock is in its lightweight, reliability and simplicity, not to mention excellent capacity for their size, and normally they run right straight out of the box and need no modifications unless you choose to make them.

In addition to all those reasons, Glock also has R. Lee Emery.

'nuff said.

I keep returning to shooting and carrying my Glocks over other pistols that I've used with the exception of my Kahr PM9. The Glocks I own have proven to be reliable as well as easy to maintain and shoot well, and have certainly been quite accurate. This is coming from someone who, up until he started really shooting Glocks and putting them through their paces, was a confirmed dyed-in-the-wool 1911 guy.

Glocks also can be modified to fit your needs in terms of sights, trigger pull, lights, lasers and .22 conversion kits, so they offer quite a bit of flexibility.

Obviously, Glocks may not be the answer for every shooter.

Your preferences and requirements may, and almost certainly do, vary from mine.

With that said, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Glock to a fellow shooter as a fine pistol for action pistol type competition or self-defense. Glocks are also certainly a better choice as an initial handgun than the typically snubbie revolver that many gun stores recommend as a starter handgun.

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