Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dryfire Training With SIRTanty

I was first introduced to the SIRT produced by Next Level Training by Todd Green at his Aim Fast Hit Fast Class (if you get an opportunity to take his class btw, do so).

The SIRT, the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger, is an excellent dryfire training tool. It comes with a dual indicator lasers, one that goes off as you engage the rigger and a second as the trigger is fully pulled and the "shot" fired. This helps you work immensely on your trigger control and accuracy. The lasers can be toggled on and off so if you only want a laser on at the shot let-off and not on take-up than that can be easily done.

I just picked one of the Pro models that comes with both the green and red lasers and I am quite impressed. The workmanship is solid and it rather perfectly replicates the Glock for training. The SIRT comes in a padded hard plastic case for easy transport.

The green laser is very bright and easy to detect across a room.

Benefits of using the SIRT for dry fire training:

1 Same size, shape and trigger feel as the Glock 17/22.

2. Fits in the same holster as the Glock and you can practice your mag changes as it accepts Glock magazines and also has weighted training mags available.

3. The Trigger is adjustable and resets after each pull so that you can practice multiple shots, unlike a standard Glock where you would need to reset the slide after each shot.

4. It's not a real gun and cannot fire ammunition so it is safer for use at home for training and avoids any unpleasant loaded/unloaded mistakes you might make with a real gun.

5. The laser shows where the shot would actually go at the time the trigger is depressed, something an actual firearm can't do during dry fire.

6. The SIRT will be very useful when I teach my next CPL class to safely demonstrate in the classroom.

67. I can also see this being a really useful tool for force on force drills, especially the next time Murphy's Law comes to town.

The SIRT is a really useful training tool for dryfire practice and I'd certainly recommend it. I expect to use it as part of my new training program and we'll see if it helps.


Murphy's Law said...

Wait--what happened to the idea of using simunitions or know--stuff that leaves marks?

Aaron said...

I lack access to simunitions, but Airsoft remains an intriguing possibility.

Jeny said...

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