Monday, April 16, 2018

That Was Not A Fun Way To Spend A Sunday

Last year the power was out for a week in March due to a windstorm.

Now it looks like we're going to be out for awhile as well due to yesterday's ice storm.

The Detroit News: Mich. Monday: Drizzly and 259K without power

The key difference between last year's outage and this one is rain.

Lots of rain.

Lots of rain and very sodden ground.

Yes, with no power, the sump pump pit was filling up at a ridiculous rate. We could only keep pace bailing it out by hand and we easily drained over 1,000 gallons (200 full 5 gallon buckets, and we did more than that) from the pit.

All day, and all night.

During the day the minions were helpful assistants while Tash was out working.

During the night, Tash and I did 2-hour shifts each bailing the pit and then getting a two hour nap and then up again.

It finally slowed down to where we could get ahead of the water coming in it at around 2 am this morning, and we were then only having to empty it every five minutes or so and it's now about a 10 minute fill time now.

More rain and even snow is in the forecast, along with possibly freezing temperatures tonight and no real estimate to when they will restore power yet but some people seem to think it will be back on by Tuesday at 8 pm.

This doth suck, and it sure was a lousy way to spend a day and night.


jon spencer said...

Headed for the generator store once things get back to normal?

Aaron said...

Once stores have them back in stock, it's a distinct possibility.

B said...

I highly recommend these:

Or the Yamaha equivalent. Stay away from the other inverter types
without any service infrastructure. Cheaper isn't better....

They'll run a sump pump, a few lights, or a coffeemaker.
Pretty good on gas too.

All you need is a longer extension cord and yer good to go. Keep 10 gallons of gas in a shed outside (use Sta-Bil or Pri-G) and yer good to go for a few days...Figure .2 gal/hour in econ mode.