Monday, April 09, 2018

In The Place Where Great Britain Used To Be, Yet Again

Facing a knife (murders in London have now exceeded New York City) and acid-attack crime wave, Brtiain's government decided they must do something.

The something now includes banning buying knives online or having "offensive weapons" in your home, complete with new powers for police to search homes for such weapons.

The Mirror: Tough new offensive weapons laws ban keeping so much as a knuckle duster in your home

Tough new laws against offensive weapons will make it illegal to keep so much as a knuckle duster in your home.

In a crackdown to be announced by Home Secretary Amber Rudd on Monday, police will get powers to search, seize and prosecute anyone caught with weapons including zombie knives.

At present cops can act only if they find weapons being carried on the streets.

Ms Rudd’s new Serious Violence Strategy, to combat the recent spate of disfiguring attacks, will also mean a minimum of six months jail for a second offence of possessing acid.

The new “two strikes and you’re out” law will bring corrosive liquids in line with knives.

And police will be told to use stop and search powers to find acids.

Shopkeepers will be banned from selling dangerous cleaning products to people under 18 and, for the first time, a licence will be required to buy sulphuric acid.

Ms Rudd said: “To tackle violent crime effectively, robust legislation and powerful law enforcement must be in place. Stop and search is a vital policing tool and officers will have the Government’s full support to use these powers.”

No one will be able to buy knives online and have them delivered to their homes.

And of course, even more firearms bans, why, because why not, it's the United Kingdom:

Gun clubs will no longer be able to use rapid fire rifles which will be banned outright.

Bump stocks, which increase the rate of fire and have been used in US shootings, will also be forbidden.

And of course just as there is not only no Second nor Fourth Amendment in Britain, there is no First Amendment to prevent government restraints on speech and imprisonment for speech - so there must be more restrictions, for your own good, of course:

Ms Rudd will also target any social media which glorifies violence and demand providers remove gang material including music and videos.

And progressives would see us become just like Great Britain with controls on ordinary citizens' choice of weapons, speech, and the elimination of security from expansive searches in return for a police department that ignores crime unless "committed" by an ordinary decent citizen.


Murphy's Law said...

Yet no calls to adjust their immigration policy--or lack thereof--which admitted most of the people responsible for this high crime rate.

Aaron said...

ML: Of course not, that would be sectarian and racist, and the Brits (wot's left of 'em) can't have that!.

ProudHillbilly said...

Watched Darkest Hour last week. Makes me want to weep for greatness lost and for the fact that Britain no longer has the ability to be embarrassed.