Friday, April 27, 2018

Toronto Van Attack Was By Mentally Ill POS

A mentally ill idiot decided his best way to get revenge for his "involuntary celibacy" was to mow down innocent people with a van in Toronto, killing 10 and wounding at least 17.

This strikes rather close to home as I've been around the Finch and Yonge street intersection many a time, and it was a regular part of my travels and life for years. Also, the fact that the POS went to my high school alma mater similarly makes it rather close to home.

Assuming the Facebook post is not some epic 4chan trolling, and it appears that it is in fact real, the scumbag allegedly left a Facebook message that not only shows he's quite a few Froot Loops short of a cereal box, and claimed he was doing it because he was an "incel".

The National Post: Toronto van attack suspect Alek Minassian’s interest in ‘incel’ movement the latest sign of troubled life

Again not treating people with mental illness and mainstreaming the mentally ill can lead to serious problems, and it seems pretty darn clear he hadn't been firing on all cylinders for a long time:

“I had classes with him. He was mentally unstable back then. He was known to meow like a cat and try to bite people; this is one sad and confusing story,” Alexander Alexandrovitch said of his former classmate in a Facebook post.

Reza Fakhteh said he overlapped with Minassian for two years at Thornlea. He described Minassian as a special education student who rarely socialized and had no obvious friends.

“I never heard him speak beyond meowing at people,” Fakhteh wrote in a Facebook message. “His movements were erratic and just strange overall. He acted like a cat in every way.” Fakhteh said he was shocked to hear that Minassian was named as a suspect in this kind of attack. “

The guy I remember from high school definitely wouldn’t be driving,” he said.

Well, apparently he was able to drive, with rather horrific effects.

Since there are no background checks on the rental of motor vehicles, not that that would have made any difference in this case, expect these sorts of attacks both by actual terrorists, copycats and mentally ill to continue.

Amazingly, no calls for banning fully semi-automatic transmission equipped vehicles have yet to be made, nor have any protest marches been planned to call for common sense vehicle regulations, nor indeed has the Canadian Automobile Association been blamed for the attack, at least not yet.

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