Tuesday, April 10, 2018

More Canadian Statue Shark Jumping - Halifax Removes The Statue Of Its Founder

Canada seems to be the new hotspot for historical statue revisionism.

Halifax actually removed the statue of Lord Edward Cornwalis, the founder of the City of Halifax in 1749. The city of Halifax had errected a statue of him in the 1931, where it remained in Edward Cornwallis Park until this year.

Yes, they actually removed the statue of the founder of the the city.

This was done at the behest of various Native American and Black groups because Lord Cornwallis wasn't very nice to the MikMak population, nor the African population. There were slaves in Halifax after all. There was also the small matter of a war he fought in with the MicMacs, when the Micmacs took the side of the French against the British. Cornwallis and the British won that series of wars and the French and Micmacs lost.

Apparently the main reason the Micmacs are against him is he ordered the scalping of Micmacs during the war, and they're proposing some Micmac figure replaces him at the park. Remember its not like he just ordered people out to take scalps, the Micmacs were at war with the British during the time.

The decision comes after increasing controversy over Cornwallis's so-called scalping proclamation that offered a cash bounty to anyone who killed a Mi'kmaw person.

One should note this proclamation was made during a war between the British and the Micmacs brought on by Micmac raids on British settlements and after multiple battles between the British, French and MicMacs.

Rebecca Moore, a Mi'kmaw and a member of Pictou Landing First Nation, helped organize protests against the Cornwallis statue. She said removing it is an "awesome" step toward reconciliation.

An "expert panel" of Micmacs was to be formed apparently to better enforce historical "reconciliation" and have a statue of some Micmac of note replace Cornwallis, but the #MeToo movement put the brakes on that, at least partially, when one of the MicMacs Chiefs nominated for the panel turned out to be

Wilbert Marshall, the chief of Potlotek First Nation. Some councillors refused to accept Marshall's appointment because he was convicted in 2008 of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman.

When you're outraged about a historical event where you lost a war a couple hundred years ago and wish to rewrite history to blot out the victors, but think to nominate a rapist to your truth and reconciliation commission, your SJWness lacks any sense of priorities.

However, there seems to be no remorse on the part of the SJW MicMacs for their rather extensive role in the wholesale elimination of the Beothuk people that occurred around the same time, and indeed there is now a new revisionist historical view that the MicMacs "dindu nothing" against the Beothuks and it was all the white man's fault.

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Weetabix said...

Re: scalping - if the timing of the linked article is correct, it seems he got the idea from the Micmacs. I wonder if they're taking that into account.