Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Has The Take Down The Statue Craze Jumped The Shark?

I'd suggest if not, then it's pretty darn close, with the leftists demanding the removal of the statue of yet another evil white male racist imperialist . . . . .


Yes, that Gandhi.

African student body in Ottawa calls to remove statue of ‘anti-black’ Gandhi

I'll note the statue was only installed in 2011 at Carleton university in Ottawa, to much praise. After all, back in 2011, Gandhi was seen as an anti-imperialist, peace-loving, user of non-violence to achieve his goals, and with the statue highlighting the important ties between Canada and India.

How times change in seven short years.

Now the left, which used to accuse the right of failing to have any concept of nuance, have decided that Gandhi's flaws, and yes they are indeed considerable, overshadow any of his accomplishments and make him statua non grata on Carleton university grounds. They're most concerned that Gandhi advocated the South African government of the time to classify Indians as higher than Blacks on the apartheid social scale, which the South African government of the time indeed agreed to and in fact did.

Yes, Carleton University is colloquially known in Canada as "Last Chance U", and for good reason, and the losers of the left get admitted there if they can't make it anywhere else. Too bad they don't want to give Gandhi a chance.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

The SJW's have to stay perpetually outraged, they have to stay ahead of their attention seeking peers for the latest cause de jour. Personally I wish they would be introduced to helicopter rides....Or is that a bad thing to say....

Aaron said...

MrGarabaldi: Apparently so. I expect them to one day demand the removal of Dr. Martin Luther King jr's statue on the grounds of his committing plagiarism and having multiple affairs while he was married. Even the greatest of people have flaws and if we demand our heroes in our history to be 100% pure and disregard that the good they did far outweighed the bad, we won't have many heroes left, or history left for that matter.