Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Stupid Criminal Tricks - Running From The Law Doesn't Workout Well.

Running from the law tends to go badly.

Three fine upstanding fellows decided to burglarize a gun store, and while making their getaway managed to crash and kill themselves while being pursued by the police. This is an overall savings to the justice system and does prevent recidivism rather nicely.

The Detroit Free Press: 3 die after police chase, crash following gun shop burglary

Now, maybe they ran because their crime took place on the west side of the state, where they take stealing firearms rather more seriously than in say, Wayne County (Detroit), here on the east side of the state.

After all, had then done it in Wayne County and stole say $30,000 worth of firearm from a gun shop, they would have gotten . . . . probation.

Yep, one of my clients had his gun store burglarized with 30k in firearms taken, one of which showed u in a murder in Florida a week later and the perpetrators, who while they hid their faces from the cameras inside the store missed the video camera and thus were identified as frequent guests of the Wayne County criminal justice system, were caught with some of the merchandise when arrested, and still ended up only getting probation. So much for Wayne County being tough on gun crime.


Flugelman said...

Heh. Same thing happened to me, years ago in Maryland. Burglars took stereo equipment and gun while I was out of town. They were caught by the sheriff's dept. At trial months later they all got probation, one who was already on probation had his probation extended. WTF????

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Then the powers that be wonder the regular people has lost faith in the justice system. the state decided to do the justice system to ensure that there is justice for everyone and to ensure civil order to take out the lynch mob or vigilante justice. But now with system being broken, I can see vigilantism making a comeback.

Old NFO said...

This is why there are more and more robberies... sigh