Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Brits Stoop To Associating Cookie Monster With Crime And Cowardice

In the place Where Great Britain used to be, there's a current push to ban knives, because someone might very well hurt themselves, and the Brits are going through a spot of "knife violence" with London overtaking New York in murders. Just like gun control, it's a wrong-headed focus on the tool rather than the criminal, continues the obsession of blaming crime on inanimate objects, and will likely give much the same results.

But, in their quest for a fully disarmed citizenry, the Essex police have stooped so low as to defame Cookie Monster and associate him with knives, violence, and cowardice.

To depict Cookie Monster in a picture under the title "Only Cowards Carry" depicts him as a craven coward associated with criminals that use knives, including Swiss army knives (yes, really), screwdrivers, and broken bottles is a most base insult.

Silly Brits, C is for cookie, not coward.


Old NFO said...

Wow... I wonder if they're collecting butter knives too??? And how are you supposed to cut what the call steak???

Paul said...

Butter knives? Yep they are. Saw one being confiscated but UK conehead police. Just any device like pliers, scissors, multi-tools, etc... is confiscated and the culprit is given a 'caution'. Kind of like a warning ticket.

Of course 12 year olds will carry the weapons for the of age killers and when needed the killers will call the 12 year olds over for the weapon. That way the bobbies can't prosecute the 12 year olds as adults (done in USA for many years that way among gangs.)