Monday, February 12, 2024

Hamas HQ Found Under UNWRA Gaza Headquarters

Hamas had a major bunker and tunnel complex right underneath the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza - even getting electricity for it form UNRWA.

NPR: Israel says it discovered tunnels under U.N. agency's Gaza headquarters

Of course UNRWA is claiming to be deaf, dumb and blind stating they haven't been at that the location since October 12.

The massive complex had clearly been there for far longer than October 12 - you can't build a bunker like that surreptitiously under another building in that amount of time, and it is pretty clear people at UNRWA headquarters knew exactly what was going on while it was being built and this adds to the already extensive proof of the close connections and cooperation and participation of UNRWA with Hamas.

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Micro22 said...

But to cover themselves, they wrote "protest letters" to complain of suspicious activity. Activity such as "what is this cable splitting off of our electrical supply and why does it go underground?". Israel has enemies on every side.