Saturday, February 03, 2024

Better To Be On The Ground

So yesterday was an absolutely lovely day for flying and of course I was working.

The forecast for today, however, was very favorable with clear VF our conditions and light winds absolutely perfect to remain current with instrument flying.

I managed to find a friend who is available to act as a safety pilot and we arranged to meet at the airport this morning.

Of course, the forecast was not what we got. Instead of Nice clear conditions, it is currently low IFR with icing in the cloud/fog. That is very much no good.

Real IFR conditions are great for currency and keeping skills sharp - icing conditions with a plane not equipped for icing is very much not.

So we made the only appropriate decision which was to cancel.

So plans to keep current are currently canceled, and I’ll have to wait for another day to get current again.


B said...

Better than dead.

I too was gonna go up in the 340, but low IFR everywhere made me change my plans too.

Plus only an idiot (which I try not to be) flies in icing, even in a plane that is properly equipped for it.

Your decision shows wisdom, Grasshoppah.

Aaron said...

B: Thanks, and yep, when jets are reporting icing that they're picking up in the cloud layer that I'm going to be stuck flying in, that's a hard no for me.