Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Your Lack Of Commitment Is Not That Disturbing

The pro-Hamas campaign to vote uncommited in the Michigan primary yesterday to try and push the Biden Administration to become even more pro-Hamas didn't amount to all that much, per the New York Times:

About 13 percent of Democratic voters cast ballots for “uncommitted” after activists suggested doing so to protest Biden’s policies. (By comparison, about 11 percent voted “uncommitted” when Barack Obama ran for re-election.)

A 2% increase compared to the amount that were uncommitted for Obama  a President that was very popular among Democrats really doesn't amount to all that much.  For all the sound and furry, that's a fizzle in terms of the Islamist vote flexing in Michigan.

Indeed, it does reveal that Tlaib & co, for all their caterwauling, yelling, and threats, the pro-Islamist vote isn't all that big of a factor, even in Michigan. 

At least not yet.