Sunday, February 11, 2024

Parallel Realities

With the most recent report that Biden will not be charged for having classified documents for years in multiple locations on the grounds that he's not just a currently serving president but an old man with a declining cognitive function, the media is going ga ga.

Hanging out with my Dad and his companion who are both big MSNBC viewers, and no there's no point arguing with them - they take what MSNBC says as gospel and won't be swayed - it's like arguing with a pig and it is not worth the effort.

So I get to see MSNBC as well as that's all they will watch.

Right now the story is Biden is fine all the time.

Joy Reid jumped in that the report was mean and then carefully showed 1 Trump gaffe (saying Nikki Hailey instead of Nancy Pelosi) and noted they always have known Biden is a Gaffe machine (showing one very old gaffe and none of the more current ones) and he's absolutely fine.  Because that's balance, right?

Of course, Reid and co doesn't show the multiple clips where Biden appears to have no idea where he is,  and his many current mistakes such as calling the President of Egypt the President of Mexico, this week right aftert the report came out. 

But don't worry, per MSNBC and pretty much every show on there that I've overheard the past day or so, this is nothing to worry about.  Verily, it is nothing as they haven't talked about it all. They haven't mentioned the Mexico/Egypt misstep even once so far.

There's also lots of analysis trying to state the Colorado side of the ballot issue is correct (even though pretty much everyone including many democrat constitutional scholars think it is not a particularly good argument regarding sec 3 of the 14th Amendment and for many good reasons), including giving the attorney that argued it a prime interview.

If you watch MSNBC your your narrative is that Trump led an insurrection, is a fascist, promises to destroy "our democracy", and Biden is hale, hearty, and just fine and is doing a great job on the economy and everything else. 

Verily, he is so hale and hearty and up for the job that he will be skipping an interview during the Superbowl.

Oh, and the current narrative is the execrable border bill was great and how dare the Republicans be against it when they claim to want border security? MSNBC never states what the Republican objections to the bill are, just that Trump is behind defeating it and therefore it's an election year ploy and Republicans really don't want a secure border and Democrats do. Yes, really.

In short, if all you watch is MSNBC you're missing a heckuva lot. 

It is however good to watch it to see what the other side is being told, and to see the many vast gaps there are in the narrative needed to sell it.

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pigpen51 said...

The difference between the current President and the former president is that while anyone can misspeak, or make a "gaffe", the current President also includes out and out lies in his mistakes.
Plagiarism is one thing that will follow him till the day he dies.
I just saw a meme that asked the difference between JFK at this stage in his presidency and Joe Biden in his. It said that JFK had more brains then Biden.
Well, I thought that while morbid, it was hilarious.