Saturday, February 24, 2024

Saturday Short Range Trip

Went to the range this morning, it was sunny but cool out at 31 degrees with a touch of wind. 

 Decided to try out my new p365.

It's the P365XL Spectre Comp in FDE. Got it on sale last month, and just got a Holosun 507K2 to mount on it (EPS Carry was not in stock unfortunately, as I would have liked to give that a go). So, I took it to the range to get it zeroed today.

It was shooting quite low and left, and then I managed to adjust it.


Then I shot two B-8s with 10 rounds at 10 yards each, and I'd say it's been zeroed in now.

I was very happy with those results. I'll take 100 points any time, and getting 2 100s in a row was very happy making indeed.

Then I did some Bill Drills.

The slide's integrated comp really does reduce recoil quite measurably, and the dot stayed in the A-Zone box throughout each Bill Drill at 7 yards.

However, combine the winter jacket, sweatshirt, some very cold fingers, and a lack of practice, and my performance was rather off.  

While I wasn't throwing shots out of the A-Zone, the times themselves were rather sub-par, averaging 3.56 seconds per clean Bill Drill with a 1.5+ second draw.

So yep, more practice is certainly needed if I'm going to improve.

I ran 300 rounds through it on this first outing, with no issues whatsoever.  I was by then rather cold, especially my fingers, and decided to call it a day.

As a carry piece, the P365XL Spectre Comp certainly has a lot going for it.  

Recoil is less than the P365X, due to both the slightly longer slide and, of course, due to the integrated compensator which really does work. The trigger is very good right out of the box.  It carries a ridiculous amount of rounds in the magazine (12 flush fitting. 14 flush fitting with a mag guts internal change, or 17 slightly extended). It also is a very compact size and conceals perfectly in a PHLster Pro holster, while still carrying a full-size gun's capacity, and with the comp it feels like it shoots like a bigger gun, too.

In short, I do indeed like this P365XL Spectre Comp, and I'll be shooting it more, soon.

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