Friday, February 09, 2024

Cyberbullying To Imminently Backfire

High School kinds can be dumb.

High School kids can be cruel.

In this case we get a lovely combo of both.

It seems that a little bint by the name of Maria happens to, for some unknown reason, really, really dislikes Leah.  She also really dislikes a few other girls at the school as well, likely because they don't put up with Maria's drama. 

In reality, Leah has nothing to do with Maria and doesn't hang out with her and doesn't say a word to her at all as she doesn't need the drama but somehow and for some reason she's living in Maria's head rent-free.

So this slag Maria decides to take a shot at cyberbullying.

She decided to grab headshots from three girls's Instagram accounts, including Leah, then put them on a emailed/social media posted poster, complete with a QR code no less, asking everyone she sent it to to vote on which one of the three girls they think are "prego".

For the record, none of the three girls are "prego".  This is just an attempt to embarrass them in the school and start some malicious rumors going, and likely for Maria to feel good about being the center of the resulting shitstorm. 

Leah had found out about this plan a couple weeks ago as Maria showed the draft to a student who knew them both, and the student wisely told Maria not to do it, and told Leah and the other kids about it. 

So the matter rested for a while as everyone though Maria had thought the better of it.

But yesterday, for some undetermined reason, Maria decided to launch it.  During school time. All around the school.

That was a big mistake. Big. Huge.

So it got reported to the principal and that slag Maria seems to be getting in trouble as a result - which is a good opener, for starters. Hopefully the school will apply some appropriate sanction.

You see ticking Leah off by spreading false and malicious rumors about her is just a really bad idea, and Leah is not going to let this matter simply drop. I've stated to Leah that all options short of lethal force have my blessing and backing to put this cyber-bullying slag in her place.

Leah smiled and stated she was going to handle it. When Leah smiles like that, slags better start running.

Prepare the popcorn, stuff is about to get real.

Oh, and in Michigan such statements are defamation per se, with damages presumed. This could get fun and quickly.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Stupid should hurt.

In fact, that is almost the definition of "stupid".

Rick T said...

A quick note to the principal laying out what defamation per se damages with 3 different victims may be in order. I imagine it can add up quickly for a malicious tort like Maria's

B said...

"high school kids can be cruel"

Admit it, the cruel is generally the girls. They seldom get punished for anything they do, so they get evil..... Some grow out of it, the rest become DNC supporters and HOA presidents...and evil Karens.

Scott said...

In light of the recent Crumbley case, does this mean the parents will also be facing charges?

Old NFO said...

Concur with ERJ!

Aaron said...

ERJ: Stupid is indeed hurting, and it's just getting started.

Rick T: Unfortunately courts here really hate defamation and damages tend to be pretty low for these kinds of stupid acts but things may progress.

B: Yep the girls tend to be cruel, the high school boys that do things tend to be stupid.

Scott: Theoretically yes, they could be civilly liable, but pretty unlikely in reality and in these circumstances unless its shown they knew what she was doing and didn't try to control their kid.

Old NFO: Yep, and it is going to do so.

chris said...

I'm late to the show here but are you still selling tickets ?? and stupid should hurt, especially if you knew that one of the victim's father practices law