Thursday, September 28, 2023

Of Course, Most People Get Their Bread At Apple Stores, Lululemon, And At The Liquor Store

Progressives will do back-flips to excuse crimes committed by their constituencies.

The claim made by progressives that peole loot because they are hungry is contrary to evidence of actual looting committed by their supporters and ignores reality.

The Daily Mail: Clip of AOC defending shoplifters as 'hungry' people seeking BREAD goes viral after Philly looting that saw mob target iPhones, sneakers and liquor stores - with at least 30 people charged so far

Reading the article, the looters were not, to the surprise of anyone not a progressive, looting stores for bread, but were instead busy stealing iPhones, Lululemon gear and expensive liquors. 

It's not just that Progressives are soft on crime, they've upped the ante to outright excusing if not permitting crime.

Progressives then act all confused when stores do not reopen after being looted, new shops do not open and places become "Food Desserts".

Instead of blaming their policies, advocacy, and lack of prosecutions that cause crime that makes it uneconomical for stores to function, they instead claim racism is to blame.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, crawfishing so fast they're leaving a wake...