Tuesday, September 12, 2023

More Revolving Door Justice Leading To Murder

Progressives hate the idea of the criminal accused (and most especially the minority criminal accused)  having to post a bond and prefer them walking free. They have the wonderfully naive belief that said criminals will then not commit crimes while they're released on their own promise to be good and will then happily show up to their hearings.

Reality begs to differ with their quaint utopian dreams.

In the latest example on August 11th, a MSU student, a junior, at 20 years old is murdered by the 22-year-old estranged baby daddy of his lover at the lover's home.

The Detroit News:  22-year-old man charged in fatal shooting of MSU student

Unreported in the Detroit News article is that the 22 year old had been previously arrested on May 5 for 4 counts of domestic violence. He was released on a personal bond, meaning he didn't need to pay anything to be released.

Oh, and he was next apparently arrested (the story reporting this is rather badly written and it is hard to tell what happened exactly) again on August 1 on yet another charge of domestic violence and a felony home invasion and apparently let go yet again.

Said criminal clearly takes this really, really, seriously, as he then fails to even show up to his hearing on August 3.  The counts don;t take the failure to appear all that seriously and just a bench warrant gets issued for him then, after 5 domestic violence counts and a felony home invasion.

Then, on August 11 he finally kills someone, when as he's out on his bond for all these previously committed crimes and is not allowed to possess a weapon. Because after all, of course he'll follow the restrictions of his release, right?

You know, if someone got arrested for 5 counts of domestic violence and a home invasion - or even just arrested for 4 counts of domestic violence -  instead of giving them a personal recognizance bond, maybe requiring them to put up some serious coin or even better have the bond set high enough that they sit in jail and can't commit further crimes just might be useful.

It might just dissuade, or if kept in jail, completely prevent the criminal from going out and doing more domestic violence rather than the progressive approach of "Cheerio, off you go? ". 

Just a suggestion.

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