Friday, September 15, 2023

Iceland - Ice Cream in Iceland

After Silfra, we headed back to Reykjavik, dropped off our gear at the hotel, and then did some more walking around and then stopped for lunch.

I had a different Icelandic Beer, a Gull Lite ,that apparently is gluten free if I'm translating the glass correctly, which is strange, but it was a light and refreshing beer all the same.

We ate some lovely salmon and accompaniments.

For dessert we all shared a Skyr Kaka.

Skyr as in Icelandic yogurt, Kaka as in Icelandic cake.

Tasted like an amazing cheesecake. Do not pass up an opportunity to try Skyr Kaka.

Then we returned back to the hotel and had a nap, as one does.

We then spent more time walking around Reyjkavik, and saw quite a few signs that mentioned some of the now urbanized areas had been historic farmsteads.

We also visited a park and people and dog watched.

We then walked around the downtown area again and stopped for ice cream at Valdis, an ice cream shop that was humming with activity.

After all, we were following a good suggestion:

Icelandic ice cream has the standard flavors you'd expect, and then some not so suspecting:

Like Rye Bread flavor, or Salted Black Liquorice flavor,  Dark Chocolate and Black Liquorice, and Danish Liquorice:

The Nordic countries really love black liquorice.

Yes, I had a scoop of salted black liquorice on top of a scoop of chocolate and black liquorice.  For science, of course.

If you like black liquorice, both flavors are really great. If you don't like black liquorice, you really would not have liked the ice cream.

The other family members shied away from black liquorice, and went with fun stuff like a birthday cake flavor, and a raspberry cheesecake flavor - both of which were also great.

Ice cream in Iceland, it turns out they make some really great ice cream there.

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