Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sunday Fly Day - Meeting Mr. B

Today was yet another fantastic day for flying.  Winds out of 070 at 8 knots or less, so it was a takeoff from 9L.

I had arranged yesterday with Mr. B. to meet at Jackson to have a brunch at the airport's restaurant.

It was a beautiful flight, couldn't ask for better weather.  Flew out there at 6,500 feet.

On the way up, I needed to divert a bit due to some glider activity.  Thanks for Detroit Approach with flight following for the heads up about that.

I landed just a few minutes before Mr.B. on Jackson's Runway 7, hearing him check in on the radio.

We were the first two planes on the ramp, but quite a number more came in for the brunch. I shut the plane down and saw him taxi in.

We then had a most excellent brunch and caught up on stuff.

Then we headed back to our planes but didn't immediately head out.  A family was there with some young kids at the fence between the restaurant and the planes, so we asked if they wanted to see the planes. So we showed the kids around the planes, let them sit in the pilot's seat and handle the controls. The kids really enjoyed it, so always good to get a chance to do a good deed for the day.

Then we started up our planes.  I taxi'd first and headed to the run up area and did the run up and started for the runway as Mr. B came along to do his run up.

I got clearance to takeoff and it was a good takeoff, but as I left the runway and was climbing I encountered a flock of rather good-sized birds which was rather alarming.

Birds flew by on both sides of, and above and below the plane. At that moment I thought I was going to have a bird strike. That will wake you up if you weren't awake before. I let the tower know and I headed on my way.

Mr. B. was having issues with his GPS, and I was having what was a minor issues with something as well, but it did not interfere with the flight. See if you can spot the issue:

I then got flight following and had an uneventful return to Pontiac, first being told to land on 9R but then switched over to 9L as they often will do.  Did a great landing and taxi'd back to the hangar and put the plane away, after washing off yet another ton of bugs.

That's 1.5 and two very nice landings and even more importantly, a couple good hours hanging out and catching up with Mr. B.



B said...

vacuum? Or the gyro?

Scott said...

Re: Bugs. Is there a height where you don't get the bugs any more, or is it pretty consistent over the altitudes private pilots frequent?

B said...

Scott: Generally, the higher you go the less there are. The issue is during takeoff and landing, then there's LOTS of bugs.

Same is true of birds, generally.

Old NFO said...

HSI is rolled 10 degrees left.

Aaron said...

B: Could be both, thankfully this problem is going away in October as we go to a GFC 500 autopilot and get rid of the Vacuum system, old gyro, and old autopilot system.

Scott: As Mr. B said it, depends, but on takeoff and landing we go through the altitudes with a lot of bugs.

Old NFO: Yep the attitude indicator needs an attitude adjustment, or better yet its getting replaced in October.