Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Some Bad Incentives For Really Stupid People

Want to get out of school in Michigan? Want to easily disrupt hundreds or thousands of kids in one fell swoop?

Now you can, if you're a total idiot.

Now you can be a total moron and send in a threat against a school or bunch of schools.   The schools, instead of assessing the actuality of the risk or taking further security measures and continuing with their day, now just shut down in the face of a social media-based threat regardless of its validity or probability, causing massive disruption.

The Detroit News: Oxford schools closed Tuesday after social media threat

The Detroit Free Press: West Bloomfield students released from schools amid suspected threat, classes go virtual

Apparently the West Bloomfield threats did not even come from a West Bloomfield Student but the jerk is located in southeast Michigan and has been caught.  I expect the new Oxford threat idiot will also be caught in short order.

On the downside for these idiots and upside for everyone else - making these threats now lead to serious criminal charges - and authorities quite properly lack any tolerance for this nonsense. So far, 23 students in Wayne County have been criminally charged for making school threats.

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