Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Shooting At Oxford High School

The school is about 30 minutes away from us, and I've represented students from Oxford High before.

All we actually know at this point is the shooter is a 15-year-old who surrendered to law enforcement after the incident and a Sig Sauer handgun was seized from him.  It appears so far that law enforcement was very quick to effectively respond, which reduced the casualties and contained the incident.

There are three dead and at least six wounded per media reports so far.

Anything else is rumor and rumors are certainly flying about faster than you can say school shooting.

The 48-hour rule is definitely in full effect here, and I will not discuss the rumors or other unfounded claims about the incident until more comes out to provide actual facts.

Update:  Unfortunately now there are 4 dead with one of the severely wounded dying.   Rumors are swirling thick and fast as to motive, alleged prior warnings and signs of an impeding mentally ill attacker, etc, and until I see some actual verification of any of it I will not post them here.   

It does seem clear from reports to date that unlike the Cowards of Broward, here the Oakland County Sheriff School Resource Officer immediately moved  to engage and interrupt the shooter and more than likely saved a lot of lives by doing so.

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Pigpen51 said...

I usually try to stay above the fray in these situations, since seldom are there facts released that could add to discussions without harming any legal proceedings, and rehashing old opinions from television anchor opinion shows is pointless.
What I can say is that as always, and especially when it involves young people, this is a horrible tragedy, no matter if it involves a firearm, a school bus accident, a house fire, or some other incident that claims the lives of a number of people at once. And while I don't know those involved, I share in the grief of those who have lost their loved ones, even if only by proxy, as I have lost loved ones myself, and know the pain that they feel.
I hope and pray that the family of the shooter is forgiven by those injured or killed. It is a horrible feeling, I am sure to know that your loved one committed such an act, and you are left as a reminder to those who suffered such a loss.