Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Fedex Follies Yet Again

Had ordered some clothes items that were on on sale back on December 9.  I sadly did not realize it would be sent by the seller store via Fedex. Drat.

It was scheduled to be delivered December 15. As you may guess, the shipment hath not arrived.  Would've been nice to have before the trip to Nashville.

Indeed, the shipment hadn't even left California on December 15 and I only got a notice that it was delayed on December 17  - which I had already figured out by then. Verily, it had moved but a few miles from its origin point in all that time.  No worries though, there were many promises from Fedex that it was on its way. They were also offering a nice bridge in Brooklyn with those assurances.

It eventually reached Lake Orion Michigan on this Sunday.  

Ah, Lake Orion, the distribution center where all Fedex packages go to apparently get placed on a truck to be driven around for at least a week before being delivered.

Of course they said it was out for delivery yesterday.  Obviously not.  So they then stated yesterday it would be delivered today. Hah.

Just got a message now that the package is now further delayed due to "operational reasons"  haven't seen that message before and it might be delivered tomorrow.  Having seen this before, I am rather dubious of such a predicted delivery date.

I bet it's not delivered until at least next Monday the 27th,  Any takers?

Update:  Arrived, after yet more it will be delivered today, then oh no it won't be messages, yesterday the 23rd, which was only 8 days past the original delivery date.


juvat said...

I'll pass, thanks.

Best of luck and Happy Holidays to you and your's Aaron.

Robert said...

We live in interesting times.
I ordered some stuff from Amazon which I had ordered many times before with no issues. A few hours after submitting my order, Amazon informed me my order had been lost. Options: get a refund right now or wait to see if it shows up. I elected to wait. A few days later I was informed it had been delivered in Florida. Oddly, I'm in Wisconsin. Odder still, it was delivered a year or so before I ordered it. Hmm. Ever hopeful, I waited. It arrived three weeks later.