Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Flying IFR - Lesson 43 - That's How You Do That

For Lesson 43, I was again in N3553M.  I had Adam as my instructor and basically he got in the plane and said Kevin had told him I'm pretty much ready for my checkride so he was not going to say much.

Wind was out of 130 at 8 knots so we would be using Runway 9L.

Plan was to do Flint's ILS 9; VOR 36 to 9; and RNAV 9, then back to Pontiac for the Localizer 9R partial panel.

Headed up to Flint and did a very nice full procedure ILS 9 approach with procedure turn that was right on.  Then they switched us from the VOR 36 to do the VOR 18 circle 9, so I pulled that plate up and flew that, again quite nicely.  Then onto the RNAV 9, and I flew that approach dead on too.

Much better altitude control, kept it within 100 feet above and 0 below deviation pretty much the whole time though I started to get below on the 18 to 9 circle on the downwind just a skoosh and fixed that - did a tight circle and a very achievable landing position before being told to go missed.

Then on to Pontiac for the Localizer partial panel doing the full procedure approach with procedure turn.  Did it, even though the NAV 2 VOR receiver on N3553M is exceptionally twitchy. But, I got it done and Tower requested we Circle to 9L to land for traffic which I did.

Adam stated had that been my checkride, I would have passed.  

He said everything looked good and all my procedures were good, radio, flying etc, and he's going to tell Kevin I'm ready to go. 

In short everything felt great, I had everything down, had the procedures and systems humming along like a well oiled machine and flew the approaches like they were on rails.

Next up, final mock checkride with the Chief Instructor and I still expect a snownado or other obstacle for it this upcoming Friday to keep the pattern of disastrous flying checks going.

That's 1.9, 1.5 simulated, 4 approaches, 2 holds, and a very nice landing.


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B: Thanks. Hoping it's a sign of consistent improvement.