Monday, December 27, 2021

Home Again

After Nashville, we headed south to visit Savannah, Georgia.

Having never been to Savannah before, it seemed like a good idea to go travel to a new location. We stayed on Tybee Island outside of the city proper but easy to get back and forth with an easy stroll to the beach.

The weather however was chilly in the 50s pretty much all week, only getting up to good Southern December weather in the high 60s- low70s on the last day of our trip.  

Made it home last night in 14 hours in nice clear road conditions and it was good we didn't stop on the way as this morning we woke up to a snowy slushy mixture on the ground and still coming down which will makes going into the office today later this morning for a meeting a real treat.

In short it was a great trip, and our last family December trip with two high-schoolers, with details and pictures to follow.


juvat said...

Glad you had a safe, fun trip. Our "Christmas" festivities start tomorrow with the arrival of the Near East Texans. The Far, Far East Texans arrive the next day. Getting pretty excited about it all.

Aaron said...

juvat: We had a fun trip and Savannah is not to be missed. May you have a great time with your festivities and family.

Pigpen51 said...

I had a surgery on a basal cell carcinoma on the top of my left ear today. So on Friday, I had a covid test, and had to quarantine in my house all weekend. It was a very quiet Christmas for my wife, myself and my 25 year old daughter spent at home, with our traditional Christmas dish of Lasagna.
I don't know how that tradition started in our house, but I make a pretty mean lasagna, and so I made it on Friday and stuck it in the refrigerator, and cooked it on Christmas.
Glad you made it through all of your driving safely. My younger son lives in Kentucky and I spoke with him Saturday, he told me it was 70 degrees at his place, but they had been having some crazy weather with the wind, and the rain and cold.
Have a great week, and stay safe.

Gromit said...

Funny, I was in Savannah for almost the same timeframe, and Friday the 24th was nice, sunny and dry. The previous week, however was wet and cold.