Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Anarcho-Tyranny And The Real War On Women

Borepatch has written may a time of the concept of anarcho-tyranny, the concept describing that normal citizens get the hammer dropped on them for minor violations, while serious criminals either get off lightly or are ignored.

Serious criminals whether by mistake, deliberate indifference, or racial preferences seem to be gettig overlooked quite a lot recently, especially when it comes to crimes against women.

One fine example is the case of the  terrorist import to Sydney, Australia. At the time of his terrorist attack, he was out on bond after 40+ cases of sexual assault and being implicated in the murder of his ex-wife. Yes, 40 sexual assault cases and murder and he was out a free man until he took over a Lindt chocolate shop in the name of Allah and killed people before the police revoked his bond, permanently.  It has yet to be explained exactly how and why someone can be charged with 40 cases of sexual assault and be released to walk free.

Or the case of Rotherham where police and council decided to cover-up 1,400 cases of child sexual exploitation by Muslims, including not charging those caught with their proverbial pants down,  for fear of being either labelled racist or daring to point out the problem of lack of assimilation of these immigrants and their failure to accept such British values as not raping children.

Now in Detroit we have a warrant backlog leading criminals to go free including both murderers and rapists.

The Detroit News: Detroit warrant backlog frees suspects

Many murderers and rapists were thus set free, and many went and did their crimes yet again, and again.  One example being reported being the case of Jamieson Kelley:
After his release from police custody, Kelley was charged with raping three more women in 2013 and 2014. He pleaded guilty in November to 15 charges of criminal sexual assault, among other charges, and was sentenced to between 22 1/2 and 50 years each for nine of the rape charges.
The failure to issue the warrants is being blamed on budget cuts, as so much of Wayne County's money has gone to corrupt politicians, political supporters in return for votes and feel-good projects rather than being used for essential services like prosecutors and crime-fighting.

Apparently women's safety sadly doesn't rate in the overall scheme of things these days.

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