Tuesday, December 09, 2014

New York's Finest Do A Live Tueller Drill

In New York after a Black man goes into a synagogue, shouts "Kill the Jews" and stabs a rabbinical student in the head, leaving him in critical condition, which even in these benighted times should qualify as a hate crime. He then is confronted and then shot dead by police.

The Detroit News: Man fatally shot after stabbing at NYC synagogue

The attacker has a history of mental illness and had apparently been arrested 19 times since 1982. Funnily enough, again neither the Detroit News nor Detroit Free Press mentioned his race and you'd have to find the video to know as the text is silent.

There's a video of the encounter:

They certainly gave him plenty of chances and multiple loud verbal orders to drop the knife, and then the officers even backed away a few times.  But, when he advanced on an officer yet again with knife in hand they quite properly shot him to protect both the officers and the other innocents within reach.

Darn good shoot, the only real question is if they hesitated a bit too much before doing so.


Murphy's Law said...

Would have been a lot easier without all of the "helpful" bystanders interfering and jockeying for cellphone camera positions.

Comrade Misfit said...

A mentally ill man goes into a synagogue and stabs someone.... what the pluperfect hell does the race of the stabber have to do with it?

Aaron said...

ML: Yep that too.

Comrade Misfit: It's the case of the dog that didn't bark.

The Detnews and the Freep studiously avoid identifying race when its a Black perpetrator and non-Black victim but have no problem harping upon it when it's a non-Black perpetrator and a Black victim.