Monday, December 22, 2014

Flu Me Once

Feeling better today, no more fever is an improvement but I'm certainly still dragging along in low gear.

The important question I had during the fever was:  Who let this mule in, and why is it kicking me in the head?

Then there was a profound fever-fueled realization:  You shouldn't believe atoms! They make up everything!

Yeah, it seemed a lot more profound at the time.

These thoughts came to me while lying on the couch in the basement trying to sleep so I didn't spread the flu to the remaining uninfected people in the house.  So far it hasn't spread so the self-quarantine may have helped.

NyQuill, even the newer formula does help quite a bit but it wears off a bit earlier than I'd like.  An 8-hour formula would be much preferred for a full night's sleep.


Knucklehead said...

Don't know how old you are or how well you've taken care of yourself but about 8 years ago I had what turned out to be a "small" MI shortly following a nasty case of the flu. The MI was caused by a plaque rupture that wound up plugging a small anterior wall artery. Didn't kill me, made me stronger 'cause it woke my lazy ass up and got me to quit a couple very bad habits (smoking and no exercise).

The point of this is that plaque ruptures are, at least sometimes, caused by generalized inflammation. I take, and suggests other aging men who might be neglecting their health for the sake of paying the mortgage and saving for college and suchlike, a low dose of ibuprofen whenever ill with colds and flu. Just a suggestion.

Aaron said...


Good advice.

I try to take care of myself and exercise a couple times a week but probably not as much as I should. I don't smoke and generally try to keep in reasonable shape but can certainly improve on it.