Saturday, December 06, 2014

Stabbing Spree In A Gun Free Zone

Amtrak doesn't allow CPL holders to have firearms on its trains. So there were no CPL holders able stop Michael Williams of Saginaw, Michigan from stabbing four people on a train bound from Chicago to Port Huron. The attack occurred while the train was near Niles, Michigan.

Gun free zones score as criminal empowerment areas yet again.

The Detroit News: Man charged with attempted murder in Amtrak attack

No discussion as to any possible motive or the mental health (or lack of same) of the individual in question at this point. 

The attacker is black (which is not being highly reported and only his mugshot gives any clue to that in the article, and many other articles do not mention any racial description of the attacker).  It's been reported the victims are white but it's far to early to jump to any conclusions as to motivation or if that report is even accurate.

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