Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday At The Maccabeats Concert

This morning the kids got a special treat at religious school.

The Maccabeats, a Jewish a cappella group  (a cappella in this case means singing with your kippah on), were performing and the kids' classes got to attend the show.  I also watched the concert and the Maccabeats put on a great performance indeed.  There were about 600 people in the audience and they had everyone rockin',

Since Hannukah is coming, among their many songs they sang some Hanukkah songs including this one:

It was a great concert, and the range of sounds they could make without any instruments was impressive.  They taught the kids how to make mouth beat boxes and they had lots of the kids come up and do things and it was very entertaining.

They had some kids come up with some cups and did the cups song:

A great way to spend a Sunday morning.

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