Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trijicon removes "Bible Codes" from its sights

Trijicon, a Wixom-Michigan based company caught in a controversy regarding its addition of a biblical reference to it's firearm sight stock numbers, has agreed to produce the sights without the biblical references.

Gun sight maker will stop inscribing Bible references:
The Wixom company under fire for putting tiny references to Bible verses on gun sights sold to the U.S. military, announced today it will drop the inscriptions on future arms shipments and offer kits to help the military remove codes on sights in the hands of troops.

Trijicon Inc., responding to an uproar in the United States and abroad, said it has voluntarily decided to drop the inscriptions on all of its products made for the Defense Department. It will also supply the Pentagon with 100 "modification kits" to allow for the removal of the codes.

The company said it took the steps "to ensure the war-time production needs of the troops are met as quickly as possible," according to a statement released today.
One can ceretainly appreciate the pressure that was brought on this company for this non-issue. Indeed, even the New Zealand Army is removing the marking from their sights - New Zealand army to remove Wixom company's Bible citations on gun sights

Indeed, in looking at the pictures below of the sight and then the magnified image showing the offensive marking, the marking is so small and unobtrusive the fuss over this is ridiculous:

What's next, a demand to remove cross-hairs from scopes under the guise that a cross is offensive?


Murphy's Law said...

Mustn't offend the muzzies...they'll kill you if you do.

Of course they'll kill you if you don't, just because you don't subscribe to their 12th century cult, but that's another matter. So long as they have groups like CAIR and access to our legislature, there's not much we can do about it.

Scott said...

Amen, LG!

Wait, can I say that in public?