Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Republican National Committee is, if anything, predictable

Unfortunately, it is predictably going in the wrong direction.

As noted by Push the Door, the Republicans at the national level aren't doing much to support Scott Brown for the senate seat in Massachusetts. Passing up a great chance to work with popular dissatisfaction over the Democrats and a fighting chance to pick up a Senate seat in yes Massachusetts of all places, the RNC goes belly up.

Yes, the Republican National Committee, never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

hat tip: View From The Porch

Update: At least the RNC is at least promoting Brown now as seen at Riehl World View: Steele, RNC Raising Money For Scott Brown.

Hopefully, the RNC will back this up with some of their own funds in addition to asking others to make donations.

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Scott said...

I just don't get this. This would be a dagger into the heart of the myth of universal love in Taxachusetts for Ted Kennedy, and they don't see the opportunity?

Meanwhile, RNC Chairman Steele is out doing a book tour this week because he just released a book on how conservatism is going to be a winner for the Republicans. Probably where all the PR might and money of the RNC is being allocated right now.

So much for strategic thinking.