Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick State of The Union Commentary

Just watched some of Obama's first State of the Union address - some thoughts:

1. That smarmy s-eating grin is unbecoming of a President, especially this one who doesn't have the accomplishments to merit a grin half as big.

2. That giraffe-playing-tennis look left at teleprompter, look right at teleprompter, look left at teleprompter, talk and repeat is ridiculous.

3. Crowing about how you didn't raise income taxes on anyone in your first year is hardly cause for a celebration, nor the uniform standing ovation you were expecting and didn't get, and the lame crack about not getting a ton of applause for it didn't go over too well. Promise not to raise taxes on anyone for the rest of your administration and we'll talk.

4. Claiming that the Stimulus saved the economy with unemployment is at record highs is umm a little unwarranted now isn't it?

5. Obama, Pelosi and Biden - they all look so happy and self-satisfied with this train wreck their leadership is causing - just wait for the 2010 elections Dems, that may just wipe the self-satisfied grins off your faces.

Enough, I'm done watching him, can't take it anymore, with luck there's only a few more of these SOTUs left before he gets voted out..

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