Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama in action and the Economy keeps a Fallin

Interesting set of stories concerning Obama and the economy in the news today

Stocks sink again on Obama's pushback on banks

Unemployment rose in 43 states last month

Obama vows to fight for jobs in retooled message

So let's see, under Obama, with him throwing his weight around, the stock market keeps falling, banks aren't lending, unemployment is rising, with Michigan having the dubious distinction of leading the nation at 14.7%, and that's only because many workers have stopped even looking for work, leading the number to drop. His answer now is to rail against bankers and propose to tax banks - that shold get them to start lending again now won't it?

Now after a year under Obama, it is crystal clear we're worse off than we were, and his promise to "fight for jobs" after doing his best to create an anti-business, anti-jobs environment where business are afraid to hire for fear of what comes next. After all that, now he states he'll push for jobs.

He'd do better by leaving well enough alone.

Instead he's going to make it worse.

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