Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Day Film Review - Avatar

So yesterday while my wife and her sister went to see Up In the Air (consensus - not a great movie but George Clooney still has appeal to the ladies), I went with my 12 year old niece to see Avatar in 3D.

Best advice I can give you for watching Avatar is 4 words- Leave Your Mind Behind.

That way you won't be bothered by the ridiculous plot, the gaping plot holes in the same plot, and the goofy anti-western, noble native American yipping, African wisdom espousing Dances-With-Smurfs-In-The-Future storyline.

By the end I was half expecting Avatrar to explain the nature of Pandora by the presence of Midi-Chloridians.

On the upside, it was worth paying a for the 3D version as the effects were fantastic. The only downside to 3D was that in certain jungle chase scenes, the images seemed to fuzz out and you couldn't quite see what was happening. Not sure if this was deliberate, if it appears in other forms of the film or if it was a 3D glitch.

Don't expect Avatar to win any best storyline awards anytime soon. While it should sweep the best special effects category without too much trouble, and as long as you go see Avatar for the EFFECTS, you won't be disappointed.
Now, if they can combine these effects with a compelling story (Maybe John Ringo's Posleen Wars, then there would be a great movie.

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