Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Arab Disturbance On A Northwest Aircraft to Detroit

This is becoming a troubling pattern.

Flight 243, again a Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit had four Saudi Arab males removed from the aircraft upon landing.

Detroit Bound Flight Crew Made Jittery by Muslim Passengers
Four Muslim Men Are Questioned After One Hides His Head Under a Blanket
Another jittery flight crew questioned the actions of a few Muslim passengers today, causing yet another flight to be delayed and police to question the four men.
Surveillance footage shows the security breach that resulted in flight delays.

As Northwest Airlines flight 243 from Amsterdam to Detroit -- the same route taken by a Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a plane Christmas Day -- began its descent on Detroit, four passengers began to act in ways that alarmed their fellow passengers.

One or more of the men reportedly pulled a blanket over his head. When the plane landed at around 1:05 p.m., it was met by police.
Apparently they were also joking about terrorism in Arabic, luckily the Air Marshals on board spoke Arabic.

Was this yet another test of the system, especially as it succeeded in exposing 4 Air Marshals that were on the flight, or even a dry run for an attempt perhaps?

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