Sunday, July 07, 2024

The Most Dangerous Part Of Yesterday

The time Mr. B. and I were in the most danger yesterday did not take place while we were in the air.

Instead, it took place when I drove towards a solid green at the T-intersection from the south side of the airport to turn left onto the M-59 Highway.

I was in the left turn lane and starting the turn on the already solid green when Mr. B. said "look out!" I had seen it as well, and was hitting the brakes as he said it, and we came to a sharp halt.

An idiot in a Jeep had decided decided to whip through the already very, very, solid red without looking to see if anyone was coming out of the airport drive. It's not like he was running a yellow, this had already been a solid red before he got near the intersection.

This led to some incredulous looks by both Mr. B. and myself, as well as some language not appropriate for a general audience -- much of which concerned the dubious parentage and proclivities of the Jeep driver.

Had I been moving faster to make that turn, it would have been rather bad.  I then finished the turn on the green, well behind the speeding Jeep and no one else tried to bash through the light like that. The Jeep then came to a stop at the very next red light as there were already cars stopped in front of it, and the idiot driver really hadn't saved himself any time, so there's that at least. 

It was far more dangerous on the ground than in the air yesterday.


Matthew W said...

I'm one of the few conservatives that approves of the use of "red light cameras"
Glad you were careful.

Pigpen51 said...

My wife gets frustrated with me when the light turns green and I wait a couple of extra seconds before going into the intersection. But it is just for reasons like your experience that has taught me to never trust anyone.

Old NFO said...

Still true EVERY day!

juvat said...

Glad you both are alright. Seems to be happening more and more down here. I'm not sure what the right answer is, maybe red light cameras. Sure do wish the Cops would flip on their lights and chase them down. For whatever reason, I seem to see fewer and fewer patrol cars out and about in my little slice of heaven.