Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Training Jiu Jitsu: Hoodie Choke Week

This is a very fun week at the training center.

Hoodie choke week happens once a year.  

Instead of wearing Gis or the standard no-Gi outfits, you show up wearing a hoodie along with your Gi pants.  

Showing up while wearing only a hoodie would make people a tad concerned, just sayin'.

As the name implies, you're gonna get choked with your hoodie when you're playing the attacker.

The Hoodie acts as a rope and you can control someone's movements via their hood, and it gives your arms some nice leverage to effect chokes on an attacker.  Note that these are blood chokes - cutting off blood to the brain, rather than air chokes where you prevent people from breathing. 

So last night, we got to practice chokes on attackers from various positions (standing, mount, guard, backmount, and sidemount) and much fun was had by all. Hoodies give tons of opportunities for both controlling and choking an attacker wearing a hoodie.

I expect it would be most disheartening for an attacker wearing a hoodie to attack someone and then get choked out by their own clothing.

More fun to look forward to as hoodie choke week continues.